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UPDATED: 10/15/2019
Please check out our Expecting/Planned Litters
Click on the puppies picture to find out more information about that particular puppy. When you put a deposit on a litter that is not born yet you do have the risk of the female not taking or the puppies not making it in the said litter. When this happens your deposit is moved to the next available litter that will provide your color/sex of equal value.
Microchips are available for an additional $55

We do not guarantee undescended testicles, microchips that have "traveled" or any other non - genetic situation/disorder

All puppies are sold as pet quality; no guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, size, weight, color, markings, or
hunting and breeding abilities.

*****Payments are non-refundable however should you need to cancel for any reason before the puppy is 6 weeks of age, you may transfer the first $300 paid to a different puppy within one year of the cancellation date. (one time only!!) You will however be required to pay an additional $300 towards the new reservation when you are ready to reserve a different puppy. We will credit you for the entire $600.00 paid. You may transfer your deposit within 12 months only one time. If you need to cancel again, you will forfeit the entire $600 deposit at that time. 

Please note that when placing a deposit on a litter that is under 4-5 weeks of age, you will not be choosing your actual puppy, just your pick position, unless that is the only available puppy of the color/gender you are reserving. 
Puppy picks must be made by 5 weeks of age or you will forfeit your pick position. If you have first pick you are more than welcome to pick your puppy sooner if you desire. 
Gambino and Kya 
Puppies Born Aug 30, 2019
Puppies are $1500
Black Female - Christine                 Black Male - Clemency (PIF)
                                                           Black Male - Peckham (PIF)
                                                           Black Male - Rambacher
                                                           Black Male - AVAILABLE

Puppies Born 9/11
Keko and Airabelle 
Black Male - Sarko
Yellow Male - Latshaw
Yellow Male - Arth